Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church Miami

Priests, Bishops and Faithful, Oh My!

Cunning, Guile and Deceit. Oh My!

Podcasts: not professional but very informative

#1 – The Story of the Ukrainian Priest and Family

#2- The Story after the Priest was sent away

Other Bizarre Things – words said to or about those fighting for the Church to remain a place of worship and love.

Someone said “You are the Elites” – seriously?! (said about those few that are protecting the Church) Definition of elite -a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society.

I can agree with you if by “Elites” you mean; for 26+ years we work to build and maintain a parish that went from a small skeleton crew to a slightly larger group, back to the skeleton crew and then slowly to a growing and finally a thriving parish.  And all the while, financially supporting the priests and an old building.

If you mean we have a superior ability to clean the floors, wash the dishes, do the repairs, remodel the buildings, cook, clean the toilets, serve the people who walked through the doors, give more money than sometimes we have, stand in the sun and do fund raising, get the wax out of the rugs and the vestments, drive to church for almost all the services, prepare the music, sing and chant, and buy all the supplies for the kitchen and the alter, then I guess you are right!

And if it means, that as a reward for all the years of doing all this, you get to be slandered, defamed, lied about, cursed at, verbally attacked, threatened with arrest, sued for everything you love, abandoned by everyone you worshipped with for years, told you are delusional and are possessed, yelled at on text message by several people at the same, attacked every time you ask others to pray, exiled from your spiritual community, had your reputation murdered by your our family and friends, condemned to hell by your friends and then you have spend all your money on lawyers to defend the church that priests and bishops are attempting to steal from God. Then I would agree with you – we are the “Elites”! Would you like to join us?